I do , I really do!

Lately I have been slacking on my running due to my increased cross training of Crossfit. I had to change that! Running is what I love, I’m not fast , I’m NO pacesetter but I love my solo time out there, just me and my music!

So – in order to commit myself to running more I publicly pledged on my Under Armour What’s Beautiful profile page that this weekend I WAS going to run a total of 20 miles. If it’s out there on the World Wide Web – I have to do it, no excuses!

Here’s how my challenges started on Friday

Go Dawn Marie – get out there – just get some miles in, challenge yourself!


I crossed 2 bridges on this run and the last mile is pretty much all uphill, urgh!

This was my route, I always run by water – I love the water!

Here’s my graph and stats


This was my Garmin shot

And here I am , all done that 6 miler!

Enter Saturday – I was planning on 7 today and 7 tomorrow, BUT I felt ok and the sun was out so I did 8 today!

Here’s the graphs and stats for today


Here I am finished!

It was by no means a Brilliant run, my calves were so sore but my Mizunos carried me through it!

Then my Zensah compression sleeves made for an awesome recovery!


Tomorrow I have to work, then I’m heading out for my final 6 miles because I promised myself I would do this , and I am no quitter!

Stay tuned for the final post!