LIKE, really fat!

Here I am in 2010, a few months before my WLS. I always smiled because I was happy, but not fit!

hfdb 048

Truth said, but let us not dwell on that because I am no longer FAT… I am FIT! I now believe that because my hot Dr said it to me. Why is it that I needed a medical professional to actually speak those words to me before I believed it myself?

Losing and maintaining weight is a constant battle of the brain. I think I am finally there though, I do believe I have reached my goal.

I was even confident enough to rock a bikini in Cuba last year before I had plastic surgery!



So for all of you thinking that the journey to health is too hard, too much commitment – look back on your old photos and then you will realize that it is a journey that needs to be taken.

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  1. Awesome transformation! Oh, and yeah, I just got the name of your blog and I feel kind of dump now for not getting it earlier.

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