I going to have just a little vent post here for a minute. If I hear anyone ever say those words, shit is going down!

Just a half? Really people… Have you in your entire life ever ran 13.1 miles…??? Hmmmmm

Right then, back off. I currently have no interest at the moment to run a full, why? I am not ready! Simple , and I love running half marathons. Does this make me less of a runner? I sure hope not. I sacrifice the same things as all other runners, “sorry kids but we will go out after mommy does her training run” ” no I can’t spend the weekend partying, I’m training” etc. I give up things for training but in the end, I gain so much more.

I am a winner each and every time I cross that finish line – PR or not. I set out to accomplish a goal and I did. I have yet to DNF a race and have no intentions of every doing so. I will crawl or roll across that line!

So I applaud all you runners , ultras to fulls to Spartans – whatever , we are all in a special class of people.. We are runners, each and everyone of us.


So today I take my girls out for a nature hike and then this evening I will run. It makes sense to schedule this into your life. I am training extra hard for my upcoming Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October and the Rock n Roll Las Vegas in November, because I want more pics like this


RUNNING HAPPY – throwing rock star hand signs and owning that Half Marathon!

Thank you for listening to my vent and all you runners inspire me, regardless of distance!

Love you all!

16 comments on “Oh, you run “just a half?””

  1. I know I am guilty of this only in the “only a half” this time. I find myself saying this – as if I am justifying it – when I have run the full of the same race previously. I know I shouldn’t and sometimes, as I am talking, I try to stop myself. Not quite sure why I do it but I do. I promise I will try to stop!

    • I do the same! It’s a head game really . We are all runners and whatever the distance – we are running and that’s all that matters!

  2. I’m a half crazy girl too. I’m not at the point where I’m even considering a full (other than the fleeting random thought that occasionally enters my head and then scurries right back out when I’m running a half). 😉 It’s not JUST anything. 13.1 is pretty damn impressive!

  3. Thank you for posting this! I love the half marathon distance and know that my body is not ready for a full, and it is so disheartening when someone says “Just a half” to me.

  4. I couldn’t have said it any better. Seriously. I’m not going to justify my distance to anyone anymore. I’m runner, that’s all.

    to be honest my best distance is 10K. I used to try to do more, comparing with others, but this is what I’m best in. It’s a perfect time and distance. I did a Half in April but I can tell you I had to train pretty hard for it (which is fine, keeps me focused). I want to feel good and still full of energy after a race, and for me personally, I have that after a 10K.

  5. Great post and I totally agree with you! However, something in me always throws that little “just” in there when I tell people I’m running a half! I think originally it was because I wanted to show respect for those doing the full but now that I’ve done halves and fulls and am about to go ultra, it doesn’t matter – we all work hard to run the distances we do and they are ALL huge accomplishments we should be proud of.

    • Congrats on all your accomplishments, running ultras is a feat meant for very special people! I’d love to one day run a full , but I am just not ready physically or mentally for it. My goal with this post was to just let runners know you do not have to feel any less of a runner based on distance run. We do more than those sitting on the couch and we should all be proud!

  6. I so love this post. I ran my first half last year and I got a pretty good reception from my friends who merely run at all. Just a half is not JUST A HALF in my opinion, because I felt like that was the longest run of my life! Still, I enjoyed and like you I still trained my butt off for it. I train my butt off for every run! Either way I’m glad someone else feels the same way I do!

  7. Preach it! I’m training for my first half and I’m so excited/nervous about it. But it is anything but “just” a half! I have zero desire to do a full. Like you I’m not ready. But that doesn’t mean I don’t work hard for my goals.

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