Yes I have been absent for a few days but trust me I have not been lounging on a beach anywhere! Here’s what’s been going down!

My father in law passed away last week so yesterday was his funeral. That has taken up my time this past week.

On a happier note Crossfit has been my saving grace. We did a team WoD on Saturday that I loved! Look

2 girls 2 guys were the teams
Us ladies did the left hand side of the board , the weights were never allowed to touch the ground. We finished in 17:17 but then we had to hold and load the plates for the guys! 135lbs was damn heavy to hold post WOD . The guys finished with out total team time 34:32! Rockstars.

Mini diva was more than impressed to spend her Saturday morning watching her mama lift, she was promised a Denny’s brunch afterwards !

We pigged out – Pancake Puppies oh my!


I had a Bacon Avocado burrito

I am currently obsessed with avocados!

I then spent Mothers Day working ! Unimpressed


Once home I got to spent the evening with my family – my ma and kiddies


13 of us went out for yet another amazing meal at Tomasso’s . I just had to order the escargot for an app! Love.


Moving on to Scallops and Asparagus for an entree – can you say pig! Hey , it was My day!


With all that food in my belly , I decided I really was going to take a rest day and I did. No running or Crossfit .

I was back at it yesterday though , with a WOD I hated!


I despise overhead squats, the move just seems so unnatural to me! I did the WOD with 55lbs but my squats were no where near deep! Yuck!

Today I booked my hotel for my upcoming Kona run in Detroit


I finally get to see my dear Twitter friends Jen from and Lisa from

So I guess I better get training for this 10k seeing as it’s in 3 weeks!

Hope you all have been well!

6 comments on “Where ya been?”

  1. Very sorry for your family’s loss.

    On another note, that burrito looks AMAZING! And have fun at the Kona run! Maybe I can meet up with you guys for lunch afterward… Northville is super close to where I live! Have Jen or Lisa keep me posted. xoxo

      • Thanks, Jen!!! I would love to! Alas, I work on Saturday mornings. Plus I haven’t trained for running since last summer (and my knee went a bit wonky after the Warrior Dash). I’m gearing up to start walk/run training again soon, but I think it’d be better if I held off for a 5K later in the summer. Let’s try to do one of those together, for sure!

        I’d still love to meet up with you guys after the Kona, if it works out! I get off work between 11:30 and noon.

      • Great, we will definitely make something happen. There’s an awesome omelet place in Plymouth, and I’m sure Jen and Lisa will have some good ideas, too!

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