Ok , prepare yourselves , this is huge! I RIPPED!! Yes I did, I tore the skin on my hand post WOD! I am a real live bonafide Crossfitter! Look


Ok I kinda made it sound way more exciting than it actually is! I am still stoked! Here’s why I ripped

Hero WOD “DT”


I did this at 75lbs , if I didn’t have to push jerk it I would have went higher in weight! I still struggle getting weight overhead!
My time was 12:45

Our skill tonight was split jerks and I only managed 95lbs! That’s ok , patience!

Post WOD I was feeling great UNTIL
I tried to put my shoe on – I then had the biggest calf spasm ever! It literally picked me up and threw me on the floor. I was screaming “make it stop” and my good friend Vero the nurse saved me! It hurt like HELL! I prayed the whole way home it wouldn’t cramp up while driving home. I made it , but the trip was made longer by following these idiots


As soon as I got home , this happened

Calf meet ice pack! I’m pretty sure some muscle relaxants are in order too!

I told my mom about this little spaz attack and she gave me this old wives take remedy – I am to place a bar of Ivory soap under my sheets at the foot of my bed while sleeping? Are you serious ma? She swears by it – I think she’s a nut bar! But, I’m going to give it a whirl!

I’ll keep ya all posted on her witchcraft ideas !

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