As you all know- I love Starbucks! I’m usually a pretty cheap date too because I just usually get a grande blonde or pike roast, nothing fancy shmancy! However, I love me a Frappe on a hot day! Yesterday was one of those days

This was a sugar free Mocha frappe with light whip, coming in at a whopping $6 plus bucks! Oh hell no, that is just way too much for this chick! So I decided to create my own and add some protein to it as well, hence the SF Protein Caramel Frappe was born!

Here is what went in it
1 scoop vanilla egg protein( use whatever)
Ice – handful or more
1 pkg of Starbucks Via coffee
5 Pumps of Sugar free Davinci Caramel flavoring
1 1/2 cups of unsweetened coconut milk
Smuckers sugar free caramel Sundae syrup

Now I like mine thick so I made sure there was lots of ice

Dump everything into the blender was whizz up on high!

Pour into a glass (I always save my Bux cups) and top with the Caramel Sundae Syrup!


No whip even!

So I’m sorry Starbucks, I love you for your coffee but I will be making these frappe’s at home from now on!

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