I survived , and let me tell you it was a Fantastic weekend ! Be prepared this is going to be a post filled with pictures!

I picked up my super awesome friend Michelle @gootruns (twitter) go follow her she’s amazing , and we headed out Saturday am ready to hot the city.
First stop – Tim Hortons

We both LOVE coffee so this was a must!
We plugged in the GPS and headed to the expo, which was super easy to find.


It was decent parking $10 and close to the venue, literally steps away!
Then we found it , Hall D


Bib and packet pick up was easy , seeing as there was NO swag bag??

I finally got a bib with my name on it though, cool beans! We did get a tech shirt that was nice , Whoot Whoot!

I couldn’t wait to find the Lunatik Athletiks booth, sure I’ve mentioned my love for their products! I finally got to meet in real life!


There booth was awesome, look at the cool new socks! Which I will be doing a review of this week!

We hung out for a little bit at the expo when we got tweeted by @TheSenator diner to come on by for some great food and great coffee, so we did

The parking lot was a bit of a gong show next door to the diner


Um hello , how am I supposed to get out??
So we went into the diner, ordered up a carbtastic brunch of grilled cheese Sammie’s with home fries!


Then the barista , who was super cool FYI, came over a made us the loveliest latte on the house!


We then headed out to find our hotel , the Novotel in North York.. Not a bad boutique style hotel , it was right at the start line so that was a bonus!
After we got all checked in we went for a stroll in search of patio so we could have some refreshing drinks! Done – Jack Astor’s was right across the street!

We stayed a little too long and drank way too much beer! Oopsies!

We managed to still be in bed by 10-1030 ish and woke at 6 , feeling good and ready to go!

The half started at 830 sharp! We were off

The first 2k were decent and fast , then there was a hill.. Oh god already?

Had to take a pic at 13k , I think I still look alright?


My calves were on fire and I was hurting from then on , here’s my splits – no negative splits here



As I neared the end, Michelle was cheering me on – Run Dawn Run (she kicked ass with a 1:57 time BTW)
I really didn’t think I was in for a sub 2:30 this race but I finished 2:26:07 which is a PR of a solid 8 seconds of Vegas! Hahaha who new ?

Got our medals the had to figure out a way back to the hotel, you see the Novotel (a host hotel) was the only one that did NOT have a shuttle bus back to it! So we bugged some locals, who were kind enough to help us get to the subway


We made it back safe and sound and the first stop was Starbucks, obviously! We grabbed our stuff , got in the car and headed home. Once on the 401 we realized we needed to eat so we hit up the Rest stop and grabbed some Pizza, no we didn’t take off our medals ! It’s the only day we will ever wear them!

Now I’m resting my poor old legs, with my new compression socks on


This girl is looking at an 8pm bedtime!
Cheers everyone

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