I took a day off!

No not from working out, lets not be silly here, but a work day off. As a Realtor you are Always on call and people can find you , but today I did not go to any appts or do any open houses, Why? My family came first today! This needs to happen more often. In light of the recent tragedy in Boston , I felt I needed to give my kids some undivided attention, it wasn’t anything exciting but we were together!
Here’s how we spent our day

Mini diva and I headed out to Kingston to get the boy, middle child is away in Washington for a rugby tournament! Before we picked up the boy we made a quick little stop at the Reebok outlet , mama needed some new Crossfit Swag


Picked up the boy and headed out to grab him some food, he told me he hasn’t eaten in 3 days because beer was more important than food this weekend. Urgh, mama does not want to hear that!
We loaded up at Costco and Farm Boy (I love to grocery shop FYI) then headed out to Denny’s for some lunch , mini divas pick!

Ah he still colours with her at the table, love them!
I got this huge Flatbread Cheesburger

The boy took half of it home with him!
We then dropped him off at college res after he showed us his new house he is moving into May 1, guess he isn’t ever coming home 🙁 .. He’s all grown up.
I wanted to hurry up and get home to and I may have pushed the speed limit a bit, it’s a 45 min drive home, I needed to get a run in! It was a gorgeous sunny day out and I wasn’t letting daylight pass!
Made it home in time and I headed out for a run, my hands froze like crazy – damn Raynauds! No circulation means freezing fingers! My legs felt super heavy and tired on this run but I puttered along .

I finished

It wasn’t fast and there were a few hills with some decent wind, but it was a run! After 6 straight days of Crossfit , I was tired today !
I filled my belly up with some stuffed salmon and now I’m resting in my Jammie’s with of course my Zensah compression sleeves underneath

I forsee a very early bedtime for this girl!

Happy Sunday friends, hug your family!

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  1. Is the boy checking out a Crossfit gym over by his home? Tell him Crossfit is more important than beer.. 😉 I know he had a good time when he was working out with you, right?
    Looks like you had a nice fun day!

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