A few months ago I agreed to try out Dietbet, placed my $25 bet limit and put the word out.

Nobody joined my game, shocker. You see I am against diets in general because as we all know , they set you up for failure.

So I saw a game running recently and since I had a credit, I thought I would join. The prize money was kinda enticing , really.

Here is my plan – I weighed in , took my photo and submitted it


Here I am , and here is my starting weight – not afraid to post it – really when you once weighed 284lbs this doesn’t scare me

20130411-125454.jpg </a

I have actually gained since I started Crossfit in January, I am comfortable where I am. I am a machine that is building muscle.

So what am I going to do for this diet? What is my plan?
Not a god damn thing. I am going to continue to feed my body all the protein ,water and nourishment it requires! If the scale moves then awesome. I hope all those playing this game succeed ,make some new friends and just get healthier. I encourage everyone to lead an active healthy lifestyle , so if I can inspire anyone in this game I will. But, I won't be encouraging you to look at the numbers on the scale!

Muscle is everything


Be strong ladies!

4 comments on “Joined Dietbet , cuz I don’t Diet!”

  1. Absolutely.
    I am proud of you for admitting that you are juts going to do what you do, and as one of my fellow Crossfitters said, you’ll just be gaining whatever pounds of “awesome”! 😉

  2. Great post, and congratulations on the change! We designed our FitYou app for your same stated reasons, to be more active and be healthier, not just lose weight. We love to see results like yours!

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