Today was judging day for 13.3 of the Crossfit Open and I was less than impressed to be attempting 150 wall balls this am.

Wednesday I decided to move some furniture and I pulled my tricep. Ouch!

Thursday night we did a practice run of 13.3 and I did 124 wall balls. My arms just, my quads burned and I hated them.

Saturday , here we go


I got my rope ready to go, lol seriously , I knew I wasn’t getting to the double unders!

First step , stretch it out !


Approach the ball , tell it to be nice


Squat Deep! Below parallel


Then throw it 9 feet in the air, making sure it hits the wall ( I lost many a reps for not hitting the wall)



I finished 112 reps, I’m satisfied . I’m glad it’s over and I hope to never see a wall ball again for a few weeks!


I had to do some serious foam rolling on the quads post workout , they hurt!

Home for a nap and some fuel now, bring on 13.4!

4 comments on “Wall Balls Suck!”

  1. Great job! Before I started my coach was like, what about a jump rope and I was like “Nahh..If I GET to the double unders I will be so happy I won’t even care that I have to run over and grab one!”

  2. Oh… the quads are killer!! I did it Thursday, foam rolled like a boss yesterday, foam rolled this morning and did it again. lol. Good times. And maybe cannot walk tomorrow. 🙂

    • I want to do a run tomorrow but I don’t think these sticks can hold me up! Lol they are crushed! Too many wall balls, I never want to see it again!

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