There is so much talk out there in the big land of the World Wide Web in regards to Recovery Shakes and Protein.

Lets open up a discussion on said topic! I know I will get a few responses to this one.

Here’s a link to one idea of recovery shakes from Livestrong

I always always drink my protein immediately after I work out, I’m taking I haven’t even caught my breath and I’m chugging back my drink!

During my workouts I use this


Here’s a link from as to the Role BCAA’s play

There are so many kinds of protein out there and I really believe it’s a choice to drink it, but it’s definitely a benefit. I have tried every kind of powder available to mankind. I have lactose intolerance so Whey powders are out for me! What I do love , and I mean love is this


GNC 100% Egg Protein in either Chocolate or Vanilla ! This stuff is so good, I mix it up in my shaker bottle with 8 oz of water and down the hatch it goes!

Here’s another interesting read on the importance of Protein post workout

I am by no means an expert on fitness or nutrition and I highly suggest you seek out what is best for your work out program.

The drinks I consume are ones that fuel me the best and ones I can drink without gagging!

Let me know what your favorite sources of post workout protein are?

Lets TALK 🙂

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