This girl is HOME!

We started our journey home at 645am Saturday . A quick stop at McDonalds for coffee, food for the kiddos and we were off! Hit the highway by 7am and we planned to drive straight thru and not stop overnight. We were all ready to get back to our own beds. The drive was gorgeous and the weather good. My GPS lady was on something and she kept sending us on the off ramp then back on again?? Seriously lady!

We ended up in Washington DC, not really planned but it was worth it! Mini diva wanted to see the President so we saw his home instead!


Pretty cool right! Saw this too


Of course the Realtor in me had to take some pics of cool homes



Then we got lost


Crazy GPS lady got us back on track!

We started to get tired around 830pm and we may or may not have done some serious Harlem Shaking while driving. Gotta keep yourselves entertained right.

We made it too Kingston and dropped the boy off at Rez, he was happy to be back, we were happy there was now more room in the vehicl


We finally made it home by 12 am, turned the clocks ahead by an hour and I then starfishes the hell outta my king sized bed. I missed that bed.

Waking up to 90 loads of laundry and an empty fridge sucked though. I managed to get food in the house and start tackling the laundry when I decided I needed some ALONE time. A run was in order.
It was not a pretty run but it was so relaxing. I wasn’t concerned about pace or time just running on this beautiful sunny day.


Now to make a good home cooked meal and relax!