Yup I sure did!
Today I tackled the Crossfit Open 13.1 WOD and it was challenging.

I am in Myrtle Beach on vacation with the family so I found a great Box here to do my WOD

Shout out to Crossfit Vengeance for welcoming me!

This is Bryan the coach who ran me thru the proper snatch form, even though I spent hours Youtubing Videos last night


His lovely wife Rachel judged ,scored and counted my Reps for me! Thank god because I wasn’t!

First up the WOd


Oh hey burpees, I love you

Down, up , clap the rings 40 times



Now 30 snatches at 45lbs


Finished that in 7:56
Now back to 30 burpees- DONE
This is where I just couldn’t get it, 30 snatches at 75lbs. I have never lifted a snatch at that weight. I tried and tried but I kept muscling up the bar and couldn’t wrap my head around it. I did not successfully lift 1 75lb snatch. Times up!

I finished the 17 min AMRAP with 100 reps! I’m ok with that.

Now I can’t wait to get home so I can train super hard all week in preparation for 13.2 with my family , Crossfit Belleville!

Thanks Rachel a


Oops , here I am attempting 75lbs(forg


See, wasn’t happening





I got some cool sw


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    • Team 100 all the way!! I knew I wasn’t getting 1 75lb snatch! I had tons of time to get it, but my head and arms wouldn’t let me pick it up!! It was fun, well the Burpees- not fun! Lol

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