This has been an amazing day on so many levels. I was honored to be featured on Woman of Crossfit = Strong Facebook page. They added my story to their Before & After page.


The absolutely wonderful comments I received were overwhelming! I am so happy that I can be part of such a great group of woman ,inspires me.

I hope my journey from Fat to Fit will continue to encourage people to fight their own battle with weight and exercise. This is a mental game before anything else, you need to figure that part out first. For me , I do not like to quit anything. Give me a challenge and I will figure out a way to make it happen. It may not be pretty but I will succeed.

Tonight I inspired my own son to participate at my Box, he is home from college for the week. He came and observed our WOD last night and decided he would give it a go tonight. This is what we did

Prior to the WOD we worked on Power Cleans. I could see he was working hard. I told him Crossfit is about you working at your own pace , you decide your finish!
I was moving along quite nicely when I noticed him struggling. I knew Pukey the Clown was about to strike!

I finished the AMRAP with 9 rounds 32 reps and felt awesome. The boy , not so much! He was outside puking!
But… Like his mom his first words were ” I’m coming back tomorrow”
That’s my boy! Never quit!

So thank you again to all my new followers and those who just decided to have a peek at my blog.

Keep on being awesome my friends!

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