Ok, sometimes you just need to go back and look at how far you have come. I am not afraid to show these pictures because I know how much work I have done to achieve this success.

Here we go, these pictures were taken exactly 3 years ago while I was on vacation in Los Cabos.




I was in rough shape, I was 284 lbs and not happy. I was always the funny girl but never the pretty one. Things had to change.

I became a vegetarian and I ran, lots. I hated it at first, every minute of it, but I was not going to quit. I turned into this girl


I loved running , really I did, but I wanted to become stronger. I knew the benefits of strength training and weightlifting but I had no knowledge of how to do it? Then I discovered Crossfit Belleville and this place changed my life! I was hooked from the very first WOD. I turned into this girl



I love my life now and I won’t stop working out and eating right because it is who I have now become. It is my life.

So for all you people out there who need a little inspiration, go back and look at those old photos of yourself and refocus , go after all your goals. They are yours to be had!

11 comments on “Throwback … Whoaaa”

  1. Found you on winetoweightlifting! Whoooooaaaaa! You totally transformed your body and I bet it wasn’t just your body you transformed. You have to go through a lot of mental and emotional and spiritual stuff to do what you did! BIG congrats to you! I love those new guns of yours ! Working on my own. 🙂

    • Thank you! Jen got me hooked on Crossfit and it is my new passion! I want to get stronger and build my strength up. In on a journey for sure and it isn’t over yet! Thanks for your kind words

  2. amazing & inspirational… I have fat & flab everywhere…. been doing crossfit 5x week now for 4 months… Eating better but get really frustrated with the flab under my arms and size of my legs. Any advice?

    • I have fat and flab too! I’m trying to Increase the weight of my lifts. Not sure how much that will help with firming up those muscles ! Are you eating clean? Drinking lots of h2o?

  3. Your journey is amazing. My goal is to be a CrossFitter. I would love to love running. I started working with a trainer in November and losing tons of inches, gaining strength and fitness. Pounds coming off slowly. The majority of my eating is Paleo but I am not strict enough. I eat Fage and too many berries during the week and have some carbs and sugars on weekends. Any advise on getting the mental and emotional connection to sweets out of my life would be great.

    • I too love sweets. I can’t eat dairy due to a lactose intolerance but I sneak in Greek yogurt a little bit. I don’t tell myself I can’t have something, that sets you up for failure. Have just a little , then a big glass of water till you are full. See if that helps. I like to fill up on good carbs, I eat a sweet potato for breakfast everyday! Remember diets do not work, eat food that was pulled from the ground , plucked from a tree and you will be fine! I have just re introduced meat back into my diet too. I love bread too though. Good luck to you, you will rock this journey!

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