Ok, this was the toughest WOD I have done yet! Even our coaches told us so!

Stupid me thought it would be a great day to do 2 workouts. I was so Wrong!
This am I headed to the YMCA for workout 1 , here’s what went down


My post run glow!
Then I finally rowed 500m in 1:58! I have yet to row it under 2 min. I went on to row another 1000m.

So then I went home and made a gorgeous lasagna

I then laid on the couch thinking about workout # 2.

Here it is

Oh man it was tough. But first we practiced those deadlifts


I wanted so badly to lift heavy. I managed to PR it though at 155lbs. I know I can go heavier but I needed to save energy for this WOD.
Back to the WOD- first 2 rounds were going ok, round 3 it was getting painful. Round 4 sucked and round 5 I was praying to baby Jesus for it to be over! I finished it


I then laid on the floor , collected my thoughts and then pushed my fellow athletes to get it done! I loved it! It hurt but every night I leave there I feel stronger and so much better about myself. Crossfit is about you competing with yourself, and tonight I WON!

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