It’s a snow day here in Ontario as we are predicted to get 40 cm of snow! Yeah I am real excited about this.


The kiddies are home today so we whipped up a delish breakfast!

Ham/egg/cheese Cups
These are so easy to make and full of protein. I just spray a muffin pan with Pam, place a slice of deli ham in the cup, crack an egg into it, add salt and pepper


Top with cheese


I bake mine in the toaster oven at 400 degrees until the yolk is cooked, about 10 minutes


The kids requested pancakes too


Of course they had chocolate chips in them!

So now that we are all fed, we wait until we get a break in the snowing to get out there and shovel. Secretly we are hoping Papa shows up with his snowblower to save the day!

Fingers crossed

Here is the plated(yes Xmas plates) cups! YUMMOOO


4 comments on “Snow day!”

  1. Those look tasty! But I can’t do drippy eggs.. I used to LOVE them when I would dunk my toast in its deliciousness, but without toast.. I just have to have them scrambled.
    However, this looks good to just scramble eggs in a ham shell.. yummy…

    • I don’t do drippy either, that grosses me out! Mine are always hard cooked! You can definitely scramble them and add veggies before putting into the “cup”.. Yumm

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