Really, what’s been going on?

Yesterday I had enough of this crappy Canadian weather, the impending snowcopolyse that we are getting tomorrow, so I booked a family vacation for Myrtle Beach.. South Carolina.



This is my hotel


The kids are so excited to be getting away! I hear that the weather is still pretty cold there, but it ain’t -20 like here!

I will be finding a beach chair, a sun ray and tanning my butt off.

So back to what’s been going on, Crossfit and running is what’s going on.

This was last nights WOD


I do not enjoy Turkish Get Ups.. This is what they did to my knees


Today called for a 2 a day , I started it with a run


Ate a big old salad


And now I’m off for round 2 , Crossfit… Oh dear god , help me!

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