Get your attention with that title did I?


Here is what is happening, I was approached by the kind folks over at to start a weight loss challenge/game to be played for money.

Diet Bet

NOW, you all know I am a firm believer against diets in general because they set you up to fail from the get go. So, I am not asking my challengers to diet per se, I want my people to challenge themselves to eat better, move more and focus on getting well during this 4 week challenge.

Not too hard right, I will be doing the challenge as well because I need something to make me get back to basics, more water, clean eating and I think I have the exercising down pat right now!


I will have more information on the game soon, it doesn’t start until Feb 22 but I’d love for you guys to sign up and play with me.

Here is my link



I will keep you posted on our challengers as we get closer to game time!




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