Yesterday was a rest day, and I really did rest. I went to bed early and had a so so sleep. I woke today feeling like I needed a 2 a day workout. I had energy to burn.

I decided that a nooner 5k was in order. Due to the snow/freezing rain combo it was a dreadmill run. Really, who am I kidding.. The majority of my runs will be until this dang snow melts.

I powered myself up with these bad boys


I just don’t do a workout without my Energybits. I managed another sub 30 5k and I was pleased. Workout 1 done.

Then I went home to check on my most awesome soup recipe , look here


Then it was off to get destroyed at my Box, Crossfit Belleville


I made up an amazing protein smoothie for the drive home

Frozen mixed berries, light muscle milk , egg protein, ice…. This was so super thick and I loved it..


I also had a shaker bottle full of Aminolast BCAA’s for the workout


The WOD tonight was awesome , have a look


Here is what I did sumo lifts at 55lbs(light because there were 60 of them), ball slams at 15lbs and of course sit ups… Finish time 9:30 … Not too bad.. I was a sweaty beast!
So that concludes my 2 a day, I am eating a giant bowl of soup and curled up watching the Bachelor now.. Lame I know.

Cheers to all!