Yup, that’s me – famous!

Ok all jokes aside, I was approached by http://www.qnetnews.ca/ to do an interview with them on my Crossfit experience. I am by far not the most experienced person, but I love it and I can only say positive things about my journey.
My goal of this interview was to let everyone know that this sport is for everyone, to try, at least once! I admit it is very intimidating but you can do it! The atmosphere her at my Box is amazing. Every trainer is there to assist, motivate and encourage you – even if you suck at it.. Which I do! I am learning and you will NEVER see me quit or not finish a WOD. I’m in this for the long haul . This will be my cross training for my next half marathon training. I love it too much!

So I encourage you all to give it a try… Just once… You will get Addicted!