fit I have… I am sorry..

Here is the deal, I have been putting my efforts into Crossfit for the past 2 weeks and I have been neglecting my runs. My though process on this is such- I am not yet trianing for my half in May yet, so lets focus on getting stronger. Sounds like a great idea right? Why then do I feel quilty? I read all my peeps twitter updates about their long runs on the weekend and I think to myself, Damn girl you didnt even run at all this weekend. My poor Dailymile friends must think I have quit, given up even. I have not though, I do miss my runs but I am so in love with Crossfit and I love that I am feeling stronger and more powerful. This can only be a good thing, strong is good. It is also extremely cold here and with my Raynaud`s the cold kills my feet. Not an excuse, its bona fide! So, I will be running on my Crossfit days off, on the treadmill if it is too cold but I will be doing it. So that is my theory on neglecting the run, it aint over till its over!

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