I started Crossfit Wednesday evening and absolutely loved it. I loved it so much that I signed up for a monthly membership 2x per week. This meant I had 2 classes left for this week, so, I went again tonight. I was pretty stiff in the shoulders from Wednesday’s cleans. Tonight, I got my ass handed to me! It was an insane WOD, look


The walls balls were with 20lb medicine balls, the Burpees sucked, knees to chest was ok, skipping not too bad and the ball slams were decent . I hated overhead lunges with 15lbs because my coordination was messed. I finished 2 complete rounds and was onto 13 ball slams before I timed out at 30 min.

I was a sweaty beast!! It was dripping everywhere.


Our skill tonight was handstand walks. Thank god we only had to practice the actual handstand against the wall.

I think I love this class so much because I’m back there tomorrow at 10 am to get punished again… And this guy has no problem doing it to me.. My trainer Bowman


Now I will go ice my body, drink my aminos and take some pain killers!

Happy WOD’ing peeps!

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