diet Ok, it is time for Inkdgirl to have a little rant. I do not do this often because generally I am very complacent individual who just lives each and every day to the fullest. BUT, Friday night I watched 20/20 featuring weight loss, of course it is the New Year right? Anyways, I loved that Al Roker ( a fellow Weight Loss Surgery Patient) was on an explained to the world that WLS is just a tool. You can EAT your way through a bypass people (Carnie Wilson is a perfect example). He maintains , like myself that you need to mentally change your minsdset , food is medicine, it feeds/heals the body. Therefore, do not put sh*t into it!

Here is where the rant begins… People Magazine… “No Surgery No Gimmicks” is the cover of their yearly people who lost half their weight! This is awesome , and I truly congratulate them, kudos. BUT, do not knock those who have had surgery. It is a tool to help you achieve weight loss. Yes, some people still eat Kit Kat bars, drink soda and gorge on fast food all while being WLS patients, so don’t tell me that it is the easy way out!

I have had tremendous success with my surgery because I trained my brain to understand food and how it is metabolized in my body. I have studied countless documentaries, read tons of books and sourced out as many article I could find on healthly living. You know what, it is pretty damn easy… 80/20 rule.. food is 80 % of our health and 20% is our activity level. Remember, ABS are made in the kitchen . I have devoted the past 2 years of my life to learning this motto and I have no intentions of ever straying from it. I have become a vegetarian and fuel this runners body by plants. I do not ever tell people in my life that this is what you need to do, but it is what worked for me.

I exercise every single day of the week. Why, why not? It does not have to be extreme daily, I do take rest days.. on those days I may just do a few planks or some quick arm exercises with the free weights. You do not have to kill your self in the gym people. Find what works for you , something you enjoy and get out there and do it! I lost 140lbs by just doing these things. Yes, my portions are limited, but no I do not eat super small portions. I eat a healthy balance of veggies and grains at every meal. Have a look back at prior posts to see for yourself. Better yet, look up all my gloriour food porn pics on Instagram, im inkdgirl.

So, what I am trying to get at is, stop funding all these quick fix author’s diet books , grab some fruit and veg and go for a walk. Simple science.

Rant over…

All options are mine only , if you think I suck, oh well!

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