This is never a good idea!

So yesterday I was 4 days into a concussion and head injury when I though, I feel ok let’s go to the gym. Silly girl, you are not ready yet!

I told myself I would be careful and take it easy. I ran 5k in 33 minutes.


It was pathetic. My head didn’t feel too bad, but I was just exhausted. I proceeded into the weight room where I could barely bang out 20 weighted squats without getting dizzy. It was mat time, foam rolling and planks were also equally pathetic. This girl knew it was time to go home! I ended up with the worst headache ever for the rest of the day!

I have never been a good listener when it comes to Dr’s orders but I think I need to smarten up! I will not run or work out until after I see the doc on Monday to get my staples out. I’m am putting this out there so I stay accountable and all of you can yell at me if I disobey! Deal.

So I guess I will have a jammie day curled up on the couch with my coffee and Season 2 of Walking Dead! Sounds like a great weekend to me!

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