Today is 3 weeks since I ran the Rock n Roll Las Vegas half and I thought I should give a quick update on what I’ve been up too! I definitely did not take time off to rest and relax. I did take a few days off due to travel and such , but my first run was at the gym on Dec 6th, so 4 days post race. I did a nice little 3 miler in 32 minutes. I have also been concentrating on strength training too . I want to be strong and ready for spring races! I have run 10 times since the race and today was my first outdoor run. I admit I have been a huge baby lately with it being cold. I have been doing my runs inside at the nice warm gym. My pace though is so weird running at the gym though, if I am running at 6.5 to 7.2 mph why am I running a 10 minute mile?? I needed to get outside and prove to myself I am not that slow! Here’s what I did today!



Much better. Damn it was cold, windy and snowy! I love running by the water, but it sure produces some nasty conditions! This has been my week in runs


I have been doing my planks too, don’t want the plank police to get me!

So keep on running my friends. Even though it is the holiday times I will be getting my miles in and trying to fight off the yummy food temptations.


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    • I will be doing a lot of Crossfit and cross training as well as half marathon training again. I love your posts on whole 30 Lisa! You have inspired me!! Go get em girl!

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