So I want to know, what are your go to exercise plans? Do you follow a plan, a routine, do you work different body parts on different days? I am always interested in learning new ways to develop strength and power. After completing my half a few weeks ago , I decided I want to work on my core, strength and weights in general. I , however, do not know the lingo or what the different machines are actually called? I will work on this and hopefully my lifting sisters and brothers can help! I need to get back onto to review exercises and routines.

This is what my current workout consists of, it takes me about 1.5 hours at the gym, 6 days a week, usually.

I start with cardio which is always running on the treadmill. I do not just run for 30 min, I do intervals. I start my first mile at a nice easy 6.2 mph and then start bumping up the speed until I’m at 7.8. After about 2 miles I slow it down, have a drink and then do the same again until I am left with 3 minutes left and then I full out run at 8.0 until I hit 3 miles or 5k. Some of you may think I’m slow and I concur, I cannot maintain a speed over 7.5 for too long, but hey, I’m running dammit and I am sweating my ass off!

After my run I hit the calf machine and do presses of 150lbs 3 sets of 15 reps.
Then I hit up the quad machine and do 90 lbs 3 sets of 10.
Now it’s arm time, I like to do tricep extensions with a 20lb dumbbell, 3 sets of 10 reps.
Shoulder presses are next with 2 12.5 lb dumbbell, 3 sets of 10 reps.
Bicep curls with a 15lb dumbbell, each arm 3 sets of 10 reps.

Now to the squats. I like to use 2 12.5 lb dumbbell while doing 50 squats.

Now it is mat time… This can only mean – foam rolling. I love/hate my roller. It hurts like hell but when I feel those IT bands and all there knots get worked, oh yeah!


I roll for about 10-15 min working quads, IT bands,hamstrings and back!

Lastly, I PLANK! Why ? I love it! I feel my core tighten and it hurts so good. If you haven’t tried it, do it. You can plank anywhere and you don’t need a gym! I have been working my way up and can now get 2:30 plank done. It really depends on if my arms are dying from the weights. See how much I love it

Work it Dawn!


So in a nutshell, this is my workout. I am sure it could use improvement and I am open to suggestions so feel free to fire away!

Happy workouts to you all!

2 comments on “How do you workout?”

  1. I say.. don’t use any machines; and change the dumbbell squats to barbell squats.. and add in deadlifts. 🙂
    And.. keep trying to up the weights every few times you go! No sense lifting the same thing over and over!

    I like to have a set program when I lift; I could just make up my own thing, but I like to see progress and like to put my trust in the experts who wrote programs. I hear a lot of ladies like Jamie Eason’s programs on I really liked New Rules of Lifting for Women (only 3x a week ;)).

    • I want to get into the big boys side of the gym, use the barbells and stuff, but I need guidance in there. I like to increase the weights too, but I’m totally baby stepping it, seeing as my main focus has always been running. I will check out that program you mentioned, I do like Jamie Eason too , she’s a rockstar!

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