Well it’s almost a new year and that can only mean one thing, lets book some races!! Here is what I got going on for 2013


March 17,2013

This race is part of the Kona Triple Crown race series where you get extra bling for running all 3 of their races. The next one is the second of the 3


I just have to book the fall race and I will have completed the 3 and get my medal swag!

Then I’m doing this one


This is a women’s only mud run and obstacle course, pretty stoked to do this and get dirty!!


Then I am doing the mother of all races-


I can’t wait for this one either!

Lastly, I am a returning participant to the Rock n Roll Las Vegas 2013 half Marathon !


So far these are my bought and paid for races, I am looking for a spring half and the location is no issue, I am looking to travel! Let me know if you have and great ideas for a spring half!

Happy Running Friends

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