Oh god, Day 4! Woke up at my usual 6am time and tried to stand, just about fell over! My legs were like tree trunks when I first stood up. Recovery day was about to get real. I knew I needed to get moving so I hit up my fav place


This got me started, so I headed out on the Strip to shake out those legs! It was beautiful out there today , the sun was out and the temps were amazing. I think I may have gotten a tan! I was getting hot and needed to grab another drink. Not coffee this time , I hit up Jamba Juice . They served these at the finish line last night and I was hooked! So I grabbed me a super sized Berry&Veggie blend!


I made my way thru Miracle Mile shops with a stop at Victoria’s Secret, no I am not showing you what I got there! I did go into Sugar though and got this super cute shirt!


I had to get my butt in gear and get back to the hotel because I had a spa date with Pierre , my massage therapist. I was booked for an 80 min therapeutic massage!



Oh my word, Pierre is my new BFF! He did say to me ” your body is so tight” I replied with a “why thank you” .. Apparently he wasn’t complimenting me.. Oops!

After the massage I hit up the one and only slot machine that seems to like me, this is what she gifted me with today

Not too shabby!

I spent the afternoon on a patio soaking up as much sun as I could, knowing I’m headed back to the cold bitter temps of Canada tomorrow.

Supper time – off to Tao restaurant as I love this place . I’ve been before , last time I was in Vegas a few years ago. This was my appetizer

Oh I missed you sweet potatoes!!!

Then this was supper! A ginormous mix of veggies, bean sprouts and udon noodles! Oh hell to the yeah!


I was stuffed, back in my room by 8pm and ready for bed! I was tired and I knew I had to try and pack my suitcase so everything fits in it! I always come with too much, buy too much then regret having to try and stuff it all in there!

So, goodnight peeps , I’m headed back to Canada in the am!

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  1. Love the slots at TI! Man, it has been a long time since I was in Vegas. Im overdue for a trip! Glad you had a wonderful time and that massage should have done wonders for your sore legs!

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