DONE !!! This post will be done backwards , from the end! Why, because I am wiped and this is what I’m going to do!


2:26:15 official time, I managed to shave off a whopping 4 minutes from my last half marathon. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. I am discouraged because I trained so much harder for this one. I was really hoping for 2:10 or 2:15.. Oh well, a finish is a finish! Here I am post race

It was so windy this race, it had to of added some time, I’m sure of it.

This is me crossing the finish line, man I take crazy pics!


I met some really great people before and after the race, because you know I talk to everyone! A shout out to my we friend Brian from Mississippi , we hung out on the side of the walkway post race. The crowds were crazy so we sat down, ate, drank and had a lovely chat!

I started this race out Powered by Bits , obviously!

It helped me for sure, I was doing really well the first 8-9 miles, but by mile 10 I was hurting. My hips and hamstrings were toast. I had to walk it out!

I did however look super cute for today’s race!


Those arm sleeves came in handy before the race started because it was cold!! They were off by mile 1!

There were plenty of water and Gatorade stations. No issues there. I really love night races and this one was really nice to see all of the strip lit up! We had plenty of refreshments and snacks at the finish line too. There was a ton of people but the line kept moving! Getting back to the hotel was another story, the sidewalks were jammed!

By the time I got back to my room, I was for sure I would not be hitting the post race after party, I was bagged!

So all in all, a good time had by all. Tomorrow I have a date with Pierre at the spa for a $250 deep tissue massage. This will be the best money ever spent!

Night peeps!

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  1. Incredible job Dawn on the 4 minute PR! A good friend of mine did the full and said conditions were horrible! I guarantee the wind added time. Enjoy your massage! You deserve it!

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