Ok, grab a cup of coffee because this is going to be a long one! This is what time my day started

That’s am! I was on the road by 410am and headed for Pearson Airport in Toronto, a short 1.5hr drive. Traffic was not an issue at that time of day!
I made sure I had my new Bux mug full of java for the drive

However, I still managed a Timmie’s stop to refuel!


Made it to the airport with plenty of time, got to the ticket booth only to find out the plane was over sold by 25 people??? WTF, seriously? Air Canada really how does this happen? So I ask nice lady, please tell me what this means? I proceed to to the gate in the hopes that seats open up, dude there states it does not look promising! I EEG a poor lady who has been there since yesterday trying to get out! Brutes! Low and behold my prayers were answered and both e and nice lady made it, her husband did not and had to take a connecting flight! Crazy.
So I proceed to my seat to find this

Crew only? Um if you want me to serve drinks, this is a bad idea!

Then the plane was delayed an hour on the Tarmac, I watched them de ice it, always a good idea.

I arrive safely in Vegas and get all settled in on the 32nd floor.. A trend I’m setting, Detroit was 32nd floor too. I had a lovely view of the Palazzo, where I stayed last time.

Go figure, looks what’s right out the front door of the hotel

Oh yeah, super stoked!
I then headed over to the Venetian to the expo to pick up my packet

Easy to find, I came prepared but guess where I ended up

Yup, the dreaded solutions table. I was registered as a male, I don’t think so! Problems solved and then I shopped like it was my job! I grabbed super cute tops, hats,stickers, Gu and a crap load of free stuff.
I had to pose for a shameless photo op as well


Them I travelled the streets meeting strangers because that’s what I do Jennifer! Lol! I had to take a photo with this guy!

I played some slots, won 300 bucks and called it a day! It is now midnight , my time , 8pm Vegas tie and this chick needs to go to sleep! So peace out people and stayed tuned for day 2 adventures!

Oh boy!

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