I did, barely! This girl has had a busy few days and very little sleep! Wednesday I headed out for Detroit and made it there in record time too! I found my hotel no problem , seeing as it was literally next door to Customs! I made my way to my room, 32 floors up and had this beautiful view!


Then I was off to find my Twitter friend Jennifer @winetoweights. She was patiently waiting for me and first thing on the agenda, Starbucks date!


We had a great chat and headed off to the race expo which was a few short blocks away. I realized I did not appear on any race list and headed over to this booth

Yup, I’m a problem in need of a solution! Got that all sorted out and grabbed my gorgeous race shirt ( insert sarcasm) look-

Isn’t it pretty


Then we checked out the expo, yes of course I bought stuff… I got some great running shirts anda skirt! We made a new friend too .. Ain’t he cute

On the way back to the hotel I talked to some people on the street, which I learned is frowned upon … Right Jen!

I tried to get to bed at a decent time seeing as we had an early start, but I did not sleep. I was wide awake at 4am, knowing I had to meet my twitter runner friends at 6! I am not a morning runner so this sucked! Here we are meeting at Starbucks pre race


My #sweatpink sisters @runfastmama and @winetoweights

Oh and I can’t forget our other little buddy @SeanHarts who met us there too


So now we all had a belly full of coffee , it was time to head out with the other 23000 runners , eek


I was in the Dasher group and I managed to make my way to the front line, I was not in the mood to get trampled. My stupid Garmin wouldn’t locate the satellite fast enough and the gun went off, so it was shy by about .2 miles? There were a ton of people running and spectating. The parade was happening right after us so that was cool to have them cheering us on. The temps changed in an instant too, I was overdressed and overheated. I was stripping down, repinning my bib and losing my gloves ASAP. I was not comfortable. The mile 5 marker was the only one I saw and I was happy to see it. I wanted this one over quick. The finish line was another story. As you rounded the corner to the end you literally dead stopped with a mass crowd of people. By the time you finished your time was totally incorrect. This was not a race to set a PR. I got my medal and waited to find my peeps. We all finished and we were happy to have the rest of the day to relax.


Now I had to relax because I was going to shop, seriously me in the US and not shop??? I managed to stay up till 3am , a solid 23 hours later before I hit the bed. Then back at it by 11 am. I was exhausted, but this is just so pretty and I love malls.


I crossed the border no problem after my GPS got me lost, then I got a speeding ticket as I was passing a transport truck, cop was super nice and dropped my fine. Then it started snowing, come on, really I just wanna go home!

5 1/2 hours later I was. Thank god. Mini diva missed me and all is right in the world now. This girl needs to catch up on some sleep because she’s off to Vegas in a week!

Happy turkey day my US friends

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