2 more weeks till I am done training! Yes I will be glad when it’s over! I can’t wait to be able to just “go for a run” and not have a designated amount of miles to run. I love training and I love being accountable for it, but yes it has become a chore. In the past 10 weeks I never deviated from the plan until this past week. I took 2 rest days in a row , Friday and Saturday . You see, my hamstrings have been super tight and when doing strength at the gym on Thursday I felt it kinda snap! I knew I was in trouble. So decision made – I needed a break. Today was my 11 miler long run and I wanted to be okay for it.

I wasn’t ! I started off and within the first mile I felt the tightness. I had to slow my pace down and spend sometime walking it off! I finished the run, in not too bad timing either,considering I was in pain . Here’s my proof I did it!



I thank my Mizuno’s for the run because at least my feet didn’t hurt!

This is what I ate for my post run fuel! A few of my favorite things! Leftover Chipotle veggie bowl, sweet potato fries and roasted edamame! Yummoooo!!!!


Now I move on to week 11, I will alter this weeks plan too , I have a 10k turkey trot in Detroit on Thursday! I don’t wanna hurt for that race!

Cheers peeps!