I happy this week is over, it has been stressful and busy. I still have not altered my training one bit! I follow my plan to a tee. Yesterday called for a rest day or an easy run – guess what won? The easy run of course!

Today is long run day and I was rushing around trying to finish up work things so I could get out there. The day started with this though

Obviously, and I managed to not spill it all over my car!

It was a glorious 18 degrees here to day and I was not missing it. I was stoked to be able to run in shorts, with my Zensah sleeves, and no toque or gloves. I saw the most beautiful red sky sunset


The run was #PoweredbyBits of course, I grabbed a handful to fuel up! I felt great and had a ton of get up and go!
I ran to see the new Afghanistan memorial that was unveiled yesterday, honoring the soldiers who lost their lives during this horrible war. We are a military town here and we appreciate our soldiers.
I ran a total of 10.15 miles in 1:46:42 and it was a pretty awesome run.



So to all my running peeps who aren’t fueled by Bits I highly suggest you check it out! www.energybits.com . Should you choose to buy a bag, use the code: Inkdgirl to save on checkout!