I had been waiting for this day for like ever! I had a date with the boy, my son. He is in Kingston at college and we had planned a get together, just him and I. I headed up early to hit up Costco and managed to not spend hardly any money? Wild because I can drop dollars in that place like a boss! I did however pick up a pair of wool tights for running ,, score!

Once the boy was picked up we headed to our fav place! Starbucks of course and I was bummed they were out of sugar free mocha, so just a plain old skinny peppermint soy latte was in order.


We shopped for a bit, the Running Room had some amazing winter gear and I got a great pair of tights that are super comfortable and warm. I also picked up this most amazing shirt


How awesome is that! Off to Lululemon next and I refrained from buying a lot of stuff but I did get a toque and a cute reflective headband.

We needed to eat so off to the Keg we went. A veggie girl doesn’t usually fare well at a steakhouse, but the Keg hooked me up! We started with this-


Oh my! Tempura snap peas and asparagus for a starter- I even shared with the boy!
Then the main course , the nice waitress suggested a stir fry so I was all over that!

This was so good! If I hadn’t eaten all that tempura and bread I probably would have devoured it! The boy enjoyed his Steak Oscar with scallops!


After all that food and subsequent coma , we went clothes shopping for the boy and some groceries! I had never been to a Farm Boy grocery chain and I loved it. Everything was so fresh and the produce was glorious! So after spending a ton of money on him we headed back to the dorms. Oh how I have missed college life. All those young kids , drinking and partying! I wanted to stay, see I made myself comfy in his room


He kicked me out! It was time for me to leave. All in all , a great day with my boy! It has to happened again soon . Must sell another house to afford another visit!

Mom problems!