Today was a craptastic (yes that is a word) day! If it could go wrong, it did! I had a few late appointments and had to get out for a little 5 miler, I was not prepared! I forgot to take my Energybits, I did not hydrate and I forgot my warm headband. All little things but I was pissed. I was also super frustrated from the days events . Running mad is never good. My first mile was a decent 9 minute mile but the rest of them sucked! I really do feel very different without my Bits!
But I finished, not brilliant but done


I needed to eat! It was late, we had homework to do and I just needed something quick but healthy. This happened

Veggie Noodles

2 trays of pre cut veggies from the salad section of my grocery store (convenient )
1 package of Ichiban (ramen) noodles – vegetable flavor
Salt, pepper, garlic powder, Old Bay Seasoning

Sauté veggies in oil, add noodles and water(1 cup or more) , seasonings. Let simmer and eat !
Ya, I know easy peasy but darn good!



Sorry for the lame recipe but after today , this is what you get!

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