Everyone needs one of these days, nothing scheduled just a Me day. Today was my Me day! Here’s what I did.

First stop – the nail salon for a much needed mani/pedi



So pretty, as you can see I’m not the girls pink color kinda girl. I like my nails dark!

Then I had to head to the sports store to find some cold weather running gear because – oh it’s going to snow tomorrow! No this does not make me happy! I have a planned 5 miler Saturday and 10 on Sunday , snow + Dawn = unhappy runner!

I did find some Under Armour pants and a Sweater that should help , but running in cold weather requires multiple layers!

Next stop , my happy place – STARBUCKS! I have been seeing everyone posting pics of their red cups and I was getting jealous! Time for this coffee addict to get on board! Best part though, they were brewing Christmas Blend- shut the front door!!!! Happy happy Dawn



So all in all a good Me day , make sure you get your Me day!

4 comments on “A Me Day!”

  1. Yay for pampering days!! No pics of the new running gear? I bought fairly inexpensive compression pants at Gap last time I went to the outlet mall (yeah, that’s pretty much the only place I shop.. lol).. and I want to make them a permanent member of my daily wardrobe. They are SO comfy and warm and cozy-like!

    • I love all things compression! I am all about the layering! I’m in love with the new running gear too , pics tomorrow when I actually run in them! I’m thinking I may need to buy the pants in a size smaller though? I hate when they slide down when you run ! I totally googled those outlet malls and I am kinda excited to get shopping! Yeah!

      • Yay for pants being too big! 😉
        I’m a sucker for sales.. or I’ll find something I like in a store, then find a way to get it cheaper online! 🙂 I hope the weather stays like this for another month.. it was low 40s here (no clue how to convert it, sorry), but it was perfect to run in today.

        • It’s damn cold here, calling for snow tomorrow with -3 temps… I have a 5 miler to run , shall I break out the snowshoes .. Urgh I love sales and outlets ! I hate paying full price for anything. I usually buy all my sporting gear in the US because it is much cheaper there than here.

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