So I totally wrote a nice big long pictured filled recap and it got lost in space… Dang it!!! Is this the Hurricane taking over?? So I will write up another, less interesting post because I really do not want to do this all over again!
So it was cold,wet,raining and muddy through the run.. Crappy.. We started at 6:20pm because it had to be nice and dark for the run through Sunnybrook park.. Thank you headlamp for guiding the way,I needed you!
So prior to the race I took my EnergyBits.. these algae bits rock and they work awesome!

Then mini diva and I had to take a pre race pic! Shw was bundled up because it was dang cold!

Race started out great, first mile was downhill and it got my pacing off to a good start, but stepping into that big old puddle in the first 5 minutes sucked huge. My feet were soaked and I still had 5 miles to go, yeah! At the 3 mile mark we had a turnaround and of course I started counting bodies as I passed them , seeing who was behind. I do that! I wanna know I am not last! I barely remember miles 4-5, I was in a zone, but then mile 5 creeped up and it was uphill and through the muddy foot paths! I was officially in a tough mudder race!

Then I rounded the corner and new that the finish was just ahead, I checked the Garmin and it was 58 minutes, oh god can I PR this under 60? RUN DAWN RUN!! It was downhill and I booked it, crossing it in 60:30.. a NEW PR for me! YEAH!

The loot from this race was decent too, Cobb’s had scones for us, Panago Pizza, beer for those who drink it and smoothies! Mini diva scored! They also had the 2012 Boston marathon winner there

I won a bottle of champagne which will sit on a shelf somewhere and probably get drank by the boy. I had to buy a hoodie too because it was cold and I def needed it for the ride home!

So cheers to another race, a new PR and a good time! I will be doing this one again next year!