So if you haven’t heard yet, I have a race tomorrow . Oh you know, just a little 10k with some zombies! I pretty excited to do this run, it’s going to be a crappy rainy day but I don’t care, I’m running this one for fun. I thought I wanted to PR this one but that changed when I found out the forecast and the fact that this one is going to be fun.

So I headed to Toronto today to grab my race kit from Salomon Sports, they were super organized and made for a speedy pick up! I also took advantage of the free coffee coupon from Aroma Espresso Bar ( cuz I love my coffee) . I did get my race swag too! A good loot!

Then I just had to head over to veggie paradise – aka Whole Foods . I never miss out on a chance to visit this place! I loaded up on some fresh veg and fruit then proceeded to fill up my overpriced $13 to go box! A must!

Now really how can I be in Toronto without an Ikea stop? I found a bed frame I need but it is physically impossible to fit in a BMW ? Will return tomorrow in an Ikea friendly vehicle!

Most important run of the day was to the Bux for a coffee and a pumpkin scone ( another must have) .

Upon returning home dinner was a boxed frozen pizza and some garlic bread – carbo loading you say?

I was sure to lay out my costume for the race to make sure I forget nothing! Most important item to pack my Energybits!!! I can’t forget those little bits of heaven!

Now I rest up , work a few clients in the am and head back to the T Dot to race tomorrow. Race updates and pics to follow!






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