The present truck came again today and this was a great score! My bag of Energybits arrived just in time for Sunday’s 10k Monster Dash. I had 25 bits leftover from my sample pack and I was saving them in case my bag of 1,000 did not arrive on time. I was so happy to get these and I happily gobbled them up before my scheduled 4 miler tonight. How did it go you ask? Awesome! I never wanted to go out and kill this run, I just wanted a nice easy steady pace for my last run before the race. It seems as if my head is clearer when I run #poweredbybits? I don’t seem to think about the run itself, my mind wanders,I take in the scenery and just run. Tonight I was over both bridges before I really even thought about it? Wild right? It makes my run smooth, almost effortless. I like that when I run. Running to me is an escape and you have that time to let your brain just think whatever it wants. I will be taking my bits daily for the amazing protein and definitely before every run!




I had to show you a proud mama pic here! That’s my girl in the red and blue playing in her first game ack to rugby after suffering an evulsion fracture of the femur in Sept! She is no quitter and a superstar! Go get em girl!

Happy weekend peeps!