Lunatik Score!

Lately I have been racing home to check the mailbox because some really great stuff has been arriving. I got this awesome score yesterday!

I ordered 2 pairs of compression sleeves and a running skirt from Lunatik Athletiks (sites will be posted below) and the service was amazing. They processed my ordered quickly and had it in my mailbox in no time! I like that kinda service!

Now onto the product – LOVE!!!!!

You all know how much I love sleeves,I love them and these fit the bill. The sizing chart is online and easy to figure out. I had no doubt on what size I was. The sleeves are funky and crazy,just like me! I put them on after my run/workout and they hugged my legs so much I almost slept in them.

Sleeve love!

Then I tried on the skirt… oh my.. so comfy, lightweight and easy to wear. I have never wore a skirt running before, but this one made me a believer! I absolutely love it. I will be ordering another one for sure!

So cute!

I encourage you to have a peek at the site
Twitter @IamLNTK

Let me know what you think, I am a FAN and I will be making lots of future purchases with them!

6 comments on “Lunatik Athletiks- Product Review”

  1. Thank you Dawn for the lovely review! Anyone reading this before October 31, 2012, discount coupon “launch40” will save you 40% off EVERYTHING on our site!

  2. I placed a order of compression socks and skeeter skirt. To my amazement in the mail a received a complimentary skirt for placing an order. I have never received service like this before. I felt like a won the jackpot. Only negative thing I can say is that I normally wear small-medium, but after trying my friends large on thats what I ordered. There is such a difference from one large to the other. One is too big and one too small. Thank you very much for making me feel special, i will definitely order from you again. Thanks again. Cynthia O’Neil

  3. Wish you all the best with your business and I will tell all my friends that it’s okay to be a lunatik. Love it.

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