Looky Looky!

Today , this came in the mail

Presents in the mail

I have been like a kid waiting for that special gift to arrive, checking the mailbox a hundred times a day! I got my Algae Bits in the mail and I could not wait to get them in my belly and go workout.

Get in ma BELLY!

That’s me in the change room pre workout, super stoked to get powered up!
I took 25 Bits , then went and had a phenomenal run! I really did, it was a treadmill run which typically I dislike and am cringing by mile 2. However, tonight, it was 30 minutes into my run before I even thought about anything! I was just in a zone, completely focused, legs felt great and I was pacing at a nice steady pace. I was satisfied. I ran my scheduled 4.7 miles and felt like I could go on!
Nike+ Running app!

So I did go on, to the weight room. I did some lifting, foam rolling and my best plank time yet! LOOK!

Suck it Planks!

This is post workout, feeling great, sweaty, but great!

sweaty beast

So , if you have not tried EnergyBits yet, you must! Go to the site http://www.energybits.com/ order a bag and use the Code BLOG to recieve a discount at the checkout. You are welcome!