Why, because it is good for you! Don’t you know, almost everything that is green is good!
I am proud to say that I am representing this company and I fully believe in the benefits of marine protein. It is so concentrated and good for you, it can do no wrong. Don’t believe me, then read this http://www.energybits.com/index.php/history-algae

As you likely know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. But what you may not know is that EnergyBits was started four years ago as a result of the Founder’s younger sister being diagnosed with breast cancer and being told by her oncologist to eat an alkaline diet to help her heal. When the Founder helped her sister learn what foods to eat (anything green) she discovered algae. The rest, as they say is history.

To honor Breast Cancer Awareness this month, they have decided to offer a 30% discount on any bags of algae bits. The discount runs until the end October 31st. They’d love to have you be able to take advantage of this first ever discount. All you need to do is type the code BREASTCANCER (all one word) into the coupon box of any of our five websites and the 30% discount will instantly be applied.So go to the site below, read up on the product and be amazed at all it can do for you!


Here is another link for your reading pleasure

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