That’s right, I am the comeback kid! I had an epic fail of a run on Thursday and Friday was a rest day so for tonight’s run, I had to make it count! I started out feeling good, the first mile always sucks for me, but tonight it felt good. Then I proceeded on to mile 2 which takes me over 2 bridges. I love the bridges, inclines are awesome , right? Then before you know it I was at mile 3.. I had to check the trusty Garmin and it was 28 minutes.. oh I was back all right. I ran 3 miles in 28 minutes a few weeks back on a nice flat trail, this run was not flat! I had this run in the bag.. look out final mile I am coming for ya~

Love the Nike+ App

I wanted this 4 miler done in 40 min and according to my trusty Garmin I ran 4.18 miles in 40:22


See , I did it… and I think I looked pretty darn good post run too!

Oh Hey!

After that glorious little run I needed food and my five year old self wanted Gardein chick’n strips! So that’s what I had with a plate of veggies too, of course!

Dinner time!

So now that I am fed, ran and satisfied… I am going to lay down and read a few chapters of 50 Shades of Darker.. but sshhh don’t tell anyone.. my vice!