I spy this new product!

Cocoa Quinoa Cereal

I do not eat cereal, like ever!

Why you ask, well mostly because packaged cereal contains amounts of sugar that should never be consumed by any individual ever! I like oatmeal, that is my cereal and one of the most eaten breakfasts for me.

So I was in my local Winner’s store, they stock a ton of organic and cool food products, and I found this cereal. What I saw first was the Vegan tag, that’s why I picked up the box. First thing I do when I pick up anything in a bag or a box, flip it over and read the stats!

Decent Stats

Stats looked good, but how does it taste?

Not good! I am sorry people of GoGo but the product tasted stale and bland. I used unsweetend coconut milk in my bowl , and still bland. Will I eat the rest of the box? Probably but only because it cost $5.99 a box and that is expensive to me. I think I will find a way to utilize this product differently and in other recipes. I forsee a Square of some sort?

So this is one product I unfortunatley won’t be putting in my cart again… Apologies!

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