Stupid me, yup.. dummy Dawn! I was crazy busy all day at work today and I rushed in the door at 530pm, knowing I needed to get a run in. I was hungry and tired to begin with, but I just needed to get that run in . I did not drink enough today, not even coffee or tea! Water.. I do not even recall getting 1 glass in me but still I headed out for that 3 miler.

This was how it started, pretty right!

Pretty eh!

I got through the first mile poorly but I was not ready to quit or anything, YET!

I climbed the one bridge and turned around and went right back up it. That’s when it started to get ugly. The descent was ok but knowing I still had a mile to get home was daunting. I started to get very dizzy and light headed, I knew I was dehydrated. I couldn’t even produce spit and my mouth was dry. I never bring H2O with me, espescially on a little 3 miler. I ended up walking the majority of that last mile . I finished the run , drank a giant G2 and ate a handful of salty fires ASAP.

Tore UP


3 miles done.

I am not a quitter, so I made sure I got that 3 miler done. BUT… I will never sacrifice time management for proper hydration!