Ok I am not a lucky person, in regards to winning things. I do not play the lottery or gamble. However, in the past few days I have won 2 – yes – 2 contests. I do believe I need to buy a lottery ticket ASAP! So what did you win Inkdgirl?

Well , I ran the Energizer Night Race 10k last month in Toronto(which was a phenomenal race btw) and I entered their contest online. I got an email stating Winner and I freaked out because I recalled there was a car prize. I DID NOT win a car! I did win a $20 Running Room gift card which rocks because I will definitely use it.

Then today I got an email from the lovely folks at Monster Dash Toronto stating I was a Winner! Whoot whoot! I won a bottle of Prosecco , an Italian sparkling wine! I will share this with my fellow runners post race , as I do not drink! Sharing is caring you know!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will keep on winning with this lucky streak, ride the WAVE!



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  1. Wow, awesome!! I had a similar winning streak last month, and I seriously started to enter everything else with big prizes cause I would hope something good would come of it! 🙂
    So.. yeah.. send that wine my way. 😉

    Also.. LOVE the new site!! Super cute!! It’s so much nicer than your blogspot one 😉

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