Well today marked the halfway point of my training, Week 6!

Sunday I ran my 8 miles and felt phenomenal , did my 100 squats and then paid dearly for it Monday! My quads were on FIRE. I like pain and I know this pain meant things are growing and getting stronger- score! Monday was stretch and strength day at the gym and my foam roller kicked the crap out of my poor tight muscles, it hurt so good! I powered through it because I am no quitter and I knew working out that lactic acid was what I needed.

So today called for 4 miles and I wondered how my poor quads would hold up? They did, however, I came to a stoplight mid run that I had to stop for and BAM- jello legs!!! They started to shake and I knew I had to keep moving! I thought I looked like Bambi for a second there while I got myself all sorted out!

It was dang cold out there too, a balmy 8 degrees! Thank god for Under Armour cold gear, Lululemon gloves and Nike long compression pants! I also thank my Brilliant Mizuno Wave Riders for carrying me !

I finished 4.1 miles in 41 minutes which was neither stellar nor brilliant – BUT a run nonetheless!

I can’t wait for EnergyBits to ship my algae bits to me so I can be PoweredbyBits for my next run !