Taco Macaroni

WHAT?? You read that right… it’s what my kids always called this hot mess of a dish. It really is not a recipe because anybody can throw this together. You know how much I love all things taco, this is the ultimate comfort food. Real chefs could probably whip this up from scratch, but this chick ain’t no chef!

Here is what I used to make it


Now you can use Kraft Dinner, Ground Beef, any meat substitution , whatever you like. I like to make mine with these because I do not eat meat.
Oh my Yummo looking good

Now here is the hard part, make the macaroni according to package directions, make your meat ( cook and drain ground beef) add veggies, add salsa… top with shredded cheese and tortilla chips ( crushed or strip
Taco Macaroni AKA poor man’s casserole

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