Yes it really was. I took my favourite pair of Mizuno runners out for a sweet run! I run, it’s what I do. Not for a living but for the better part of my life, this is what I think about! Every Damn Day! … yes I do have a real job, but each and everyday I wake up wondering how many miles do I need to cover today, where will I run, how do I feel?
Running consumes my thoughts , in a good way. I am focused, I am determined and I want to attack this half in December. I will PR it. I have faith!

Today marked the end of Week 5 half training and it called for an 8 mile run. I had to work at my real job first, doing an open house and while there I took it upon myself to do some squats. You know you have to fit fitness in wherever you can! So between clients I managed 100 squats. Sweet eh! It felt good and my quads were on fire.

Then it was run time! I was so pumped for this 8 miler , mostly because the rain stopped and I knew I wasn’t going to get soaked.
The run started out very typical as I hated the first mile, it always seems to be the hardest. Around mile 4 I was pacing well and feeling great.

I made 6 miles in 60 minutes.. whoot whoot!

Then around mile 7 my quads went ” oh hey, remember those 100 squats you just did? So do these quads!” ouchie ouchie! My legs felt so heavy and the last mile is pretty much all uphill! My butt will thank me later I suppose?

proof, DONE

I finished strong and completed my 8 miles in 1:24:14… I will take it!

8 miles rocked!

For that run I thank my Mizuno’s for hugging my feet, my Zensah sleeves for hugging my legs and my Gu chomps for filling my belly!

To all those who raced today, great job and thanks for motivating me every damn day!!!
You all rock!